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This way of being is grounded in a relationship of reciprocity with that which sustains us. In other words, humans are interacting with an ecosystem, in order to increase abundance and diversity for the continued sustenance of all life. We begin to be of service to the world in ways that are nourishing and replenishing by re-establishing our place in the web of life.

These programs will be tailored to the time of year and the seasonal activities of the community. This is a place-based instruction so you will be learning and doing what is pertinent for each season and the needs of the community at that time. In other words, this experience is co-created by the members of the community sharing the same goal. This requires flexibility, determination, an open mind, and a lot of philosophical discussion. Please arrive as a hollow bone.

Connection is our birthright!

Connection to self, to earth, and community.


Perhaps you are feeling a pull toward being an apprentice to the natural world and its rhythms; to the wilds both inside and outside of us?

By continuously attending to and being in deep relationship with wild landscapes and ancestral skills, we can awaken our senses alive and feel whole with a true sense of belonging to place, people, and ourselves.

Are programs are for anyone interested in re-wilding (or what we call: wildtending). We create a container to allow one to sink into their truest nature and be guided by their own intuition and curiosity.


Bathe your senses in the forest,

partner in regeneration,

be embodied,

fully conscious, alive and aware.

2023 Programs

Vision Quest:

A Solo Fast & Community Circle

Awakening Fire:

Learn Skill & Magic of Friction Fire

Subtle Language of the Wild:

Intro to Tracking & Bird Language

Foraging Walk:

Food & Medicine of Your Local Landscape

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