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  • FPWC FREE Community Gatherings

FPWC FREE Community Gatherings


Come together to talk, share stories, offer insights, ask questions and increase your constellation of networks with like-minded individuals and families in Sudbury, ON. Children welcome!


What to expect (Each gathering is unique):

- We may start a fire using friction, gather for a potluck, or do a walk (or hike) and talk 

- Circle share of stories and perspectives from our vast knowledge and background

- Discuss past, present and future Programs; answer questions

- Show & tell with crafts, tools and medicines that we have acquired from our experiences with FPWC

- Speak about what is in season for foraging wild food, medicine and substances used in crafting, tool making and other useful resources; how to engage in this regeneratively

- Singing of songs, breath work, meditation, yoga, stretching, body awareness and much more

- Prayer, gratitude practices & mindfulness

- Have Past students speak about their experience and knowledge gleaned with FPWC

- Have open dialogue on subjects related to spirituality, nature connection, physical health and barriers to growth

- let's co-create together!


If you have any questions, reach out to us at or 705-662-5689. See you then!

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