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Membership Benefits

- Exclusive monthly updates of the organization

- Early access to programs (our program spots are limited!)

- FREE access to our "Awaken your instincts" e-course

- 100$ off the Vision Quest (you will be given a discount code)

- Discounts towards future offerings; creations or experiences

  • Star

    Every month
  • Asterism

    Every month
  • Constellation

    Every month

Our membership is a creative way for us to share gifts and stories from the land and in turn, receive financial support towards the fulfillment of the vision of FPWC.




Coming soon!

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Become part of our Community, by signing up for our monthly memberships. By becoming a member of the FPWC tribe you support the growth and development of the Non-Profit. In turn this allows us to offer more educational programs, facilitate more events and keep the costs low for what we offer. As a small non-profit we operate with very few staff and a very small budget. No one is becoming wealthy in this endeavour, this is labour of love. We believe so much in the work we are doing that we sacrifice time and money to share, teach and create the container to bring the skills and wisdom of our ancestors into the future.

Why do we believe this is so important? We believe in sovereignty, self-reliance, community and interdependence with nature. We know that the skills, crafts, education and insights we provide will be essential for generations to come. To create the world we would love to see our children grow up in, we've taken on the burden of beginning this journey in Northern Ontario. To impart wisdom to carry humanity into a peaceful abundant future, in harmony with the earth. By becoming a member, you support FPWC to grow, offer more and keep the participation costs low moving forward. We do love and respect your donations so we try to make it a worth while act.

Within your membership you have an exclusive monthly news letter, to keep our tribe up to date of our progress and past present and future offerings. Members are privy to early program access, discounts, draws, events and a more in depth look at our lifestyle. Donations big and small move the needle, especially for such a small flourishing thing that is FPWC. No one gets Rich in monetary wealth by living close to the land and being in harmony with nature and its offering, but we become RICH in all other ways.

Announcements, news, educational content, discounts, promotions, etc.

Our content is selective and mindful- we won't spam you

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