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Asterism Membership

An asterism is a pattern of stars that are often named and may be composed of stars that are members of one or more constellations. For example, the Big Dipper is an asterism that is located within the Ursa Major constellation, which in turn is a region of the sky.

Star Membership

Stars are celestial bodies that generate light and other radiant energy and consist of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity that are visible at night from Earth as relatively stationary, usually twinkling points of light. Stars are a foundation to the beauty of a night's skyscape.

  • Star

    Every month
    • Monthly updates of the organization
    • Early access to programs
    • Exclusive monthly newsletter
  • Asterism

    Every month
    • Land Capsule Boxes - Summer and Winter Solstice
    • Monthly updates of the organization
    • Early access to programs
    • Exclusive monthly newsletter
    • Discounts towards future offerings; creations or experiences

The Star and Asterism memberships both offer updates on our community , early access to programs and a monthly newsletter. 

Our newsletter is sent to you on every New Moon, and includes:

  • Seasonal activities and updates of the community

  • Recipes for processing wild plants

  • Detailed information of projects we are tending on the land

  • Upcoming events

  • Skill and craft ideas

  • Rituals, songs and stories

  • Progress of the non-profit


In addition to these benefits, with our Asterism Membership, you will also receive discounts towards future offerings; creations or experiences and two Land Capsule Boxes are sent to you by mail twice a year (Summer & Winter solstice) and include gifts made from our hands and the Island. Every package is different and dictated by the harvests and activities of the community during the time prior to making the package. These packages may include fresh tinctures, salves, tea blends, wild seeds, artwork, infused honey, handmade buttons, naturally dyed fabrics and more! *The value of your package will be a reflection of the length of your support.

  • Mentorship Package 1

    Every month
    • 1x75 min session a month
    • Check ins/support by text
  • Mentorship Package 2

    Every month
    • 2x75 min session a month
    • Check ins/support by text

Are you ready to step more fully into your life? To seek greater aliveness, connection, and a sense of belonging to yourself and place? Book a complimentary 45-minute phone call with me, to get to know each other.


Each session is individualized - directed by the inner tracking of us both, and by the invitations offering themselves from the body, mind, memories, emotions and the imagination. Ongoing sessions offer continuity that supports people in tending to their most potent wild and grounded selves. Minimum of 3 sessions is suggested.

We are all being guided. We all have a story to be witnessed. We all value anchoring and support as we step more fully into our authentic self. We all have an intrinsic wildness that wants to be nourished and held.


Sessions are conducted by phone. Finding a spot to sit or move through in nature is highly encouraged. Video sessions are available by request.


  • Single session: 75 minutes, $110

  • Package 1: 1x75 min session a month + check ins/support by text $100/month

  • Package 2: 2x75 min session a month + check ins/support by text $180/month

My passion and skills:

  • Reclaiming "wildness" as a facet of wholeness

  • Self-designed ceremony and ritual

  • Focusing on wholing as much as healing

  • Guidance on the path of soul initiation - preparation, soul descent, and integration

  • Exploration of limiting blocks and emotional patterns

  • Compassionate witnessing and mirroring

  • Practices to be more connected to place regardless of where you are living

  • Exercises to live and move with natural cycles and rhythms

  • Support and inspiration in rewilding your lifestyle