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FPWC E-Courses


Before taking the course I had a lot of interest in living a more natural life and there's so much out there to learn, it was intimidating at times and I didn't know where to start... Your lessons gave out enough information to peak my interest but short enough that I wasn't feeling overwhelmed. You both spoke clearly and referred to facts but also gave your personal perspectives. It's like you drew a map for me and now I know exactly which topics I can delve into! 


By the end of the course some nervousness was replaced by excitement and curiosity. This morning I woke up feeling fuelled with enthusiasm and I couldn't wait to take my first steps, both literally and figuratively (I had a little barefoot walk outside the house!) I highly recommend taking the course and keeping mind and heart open, I'm sure it will do wonders for many people.

C. L.

Down to earth, energetic, and insightful dive into rewilding. This course is jam packed with great hard and soft skills to help explore and strengthen the relationship with have with the earth, ourselves and eachother.


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