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Awaken Your Instincts: Rewilding Fundamentals

  • 25Steps


Learn the fundamentals of Rewilding, wherever you are in your journey! Whether you’re new to Rewilding entirely, or looking to deepen your relationship to Nature when you are out, this course provides both practical and philosophical information that will change the way you walk in the wilderness, and your life. The Rewilding Fundamental course will help you: Clarify how to comfortably address basic needs and desires Assess your own level of risk Develop the tools to eradicate fear Create a more resilient and sensitive body Hone your Intuition Expand your senses of awareness Learn about Sit Spot, Bird Language, and Animal Tracking Create strong core routine practices to become more skilled And much much more... This course is geared towards any who is curious about Rewilding. It's also for anyone who simply loves Nature and wants to know as much as possible about how to cultivate a deeper connection while outside.

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  • Dariya Quenneville

    Dariya Quenneville

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    Jefferie Koncz




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