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All of our ancestors were engaged in a reciprocal relationship with the land prior to adopting agriculture. By preventing humans from interaction with wild beings (plants and animals), one eventually becomes alienated from nature. This way of life not only leads to nature divorcement, but apathy and a lack of inter-generational knowledge, culture and connection to our food and medicines. We learn the functions and values of wild landscapes by being in direct relationship. These reciprocal interactions further create a mutually beneficial environment for humans and the natural ecosystem. This project allows for this direct relationship by the planting and production of fruit and nut trees, native tubers, medicines, and flowers to tend, harvest, propagate and share not only food but medicines, seeds, and traditional knowledge. All of our ancestors were engaged in this type of reciprocal relationship with the land prior to adopting agriculture. Let us remember and be embodied in this way of being.


This 10 day program is for anyone interested in re-wilding. We create a container to allow one to sink into their truest nature and be guided by their own intuition and curiosity. Bathe your senses in the forest, partner in regeneration, be embodied, connected, fully conscious, alive and aware.

Find out more information about our Wildtending Program.


For those who cannot participate with the project physically but are still wanting to hear stories, see pictures, and watch videos from FPWC, join one of our monthly membership programs! With these programs, you will have access to stories, pictures, videos and one of a kind land-based gifts from Finding Polaris that can’t be found anywhere else! 


Our land-based gifts are sent out twice a year on the Summer and Winter solstice. You can receive wild harvested tea, herbal infused honey, tinctures, seeds, naturally dyed fabrics, and much more! 

Find out more information about our exclusive membership program.


Are you ready to step more fully into your life? To seek greater aliveness, connection, and a sense of belonging to yourself and place? Book a one on one mentoring session with our founder, Dariya. 


Each session is individualized - directed by the inner tracking of us both, and by the invitations offering themselves from the body, mind, memories, emotions and the imagination. 


Ongoing sessions offer continuity that supports people in tending to their most potent wild and grounded selves. Minimum of 3 sessions is suggested. See more information about the program here. (link to mentoring Page) 


Get your first 45 minute one on one phone call with Dariya for free - book now!


These principles are listed in no particular order. They are all important, and the numbers applied to them do not indicate a hierarchical role in community formation and maintenance.  


These are goals to guide this particular community and may not be applicable to all communities around the world. Additionally, these principals are subject to change and be added based on the community member’s collective minds. 

  • Participation

  • Egalitarianism 

  • Reciprocal Gift Economy 

  • Personal Work 

  • Ceremony

  • Shared Goals

  • Self-reliance

  • Land Held in Common 

  • Peacemaking 

  • Generational Sustainability


  • Permaculture design certificate, Warren Brush

  • Advanced Bird Language, Jon Young

  • Hiked entire Pacific Crest Trail, 2016

  • Art of Mentoring, Wisdom of the Earth


Ever since Dariya was a young child she dreamed of living a life when she knew the story behind everything that sustained her. Baffled by "simple" things (spoon, clothing, heating, food, etc.) that she was in relationship with every single day and yet had very little idea of how they came to life.


Could someone live in a shelter where they knew every tree that made comforting walls? Could one know the plants and animals that made their clothing stay warm? Could one really live in rooted seasonality with the land? Could one never feel lost by the guidance of the stars and inner compass? For much of her life this dream and these questions felt intangible, fairy-like and unrealistic. 

For the last decade, she has been following a thread spun from this dream: a thread seeking a sense of wholeness and deep connection to that which sustains her (and us all). This longing has brought her to many landscapes, people, emotions, curiosities, and indescribable moments. In her observation, these teachings at their core, all follow the law of nature. She believes this law is rooted in awareness, equanimity, and impermanence. Can we live a life aligned with this way? How does one truly live a life of reciprocity? What does intergenerational health for the land and people look and feel like? She continues to be humbled by this law of nature; from this place she will create, share, and forever be a student.


Following her passions for nature, Dariya founded Finding Polaris in 2020 and since has been sharing her knowledge of reciprocity and deep connection of nature with like minded individuals who wish to gain a deeper understanding.

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