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The establishment and operation of a land-based community organization for the purposes of:


Finding Polaris Wilderness Community is based on Anishnaabe territory, specifically the traditional lands of the Ojibwa Peoples. These Indigenous Nations who have tended the land for generations and still actively continue to tend it beyond the settlements of the Robinson-Huron Treaty in 1850. To honour the land which we live and learn on, we further acknowledge the history of colonization and the ongoing battle for promised treaty-rights that continue to shape Indigenous-settler relationships in our community and bioregion.


Offering experiences that deepens one’s relationship with Nature and Self;


Promoting environmental and land stewardship, wilderness skills, traditional ecological knowledge, and a culture founded in the ethics of reciprocity;


Providing mentoring and educational programs for the benefit of the community as well as protection and appreciation of the environment;  and such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.


I can't sing the praises of Finding Polaris enough. It was that deeply life-changing. The teachings, their impact, and the way Dariya shares knowledge, continue to reverberate through my cells, relationships and life. I am still really only just starting to integrate the learning. It was a true rite of passage. I emerged both more embodied and spiritually transformed, knowing that I belong on this Earth.


Consider checking it out if rewilding, rite of passage, wilderness community, wild edibles, and/or extended time in the woods interests you. Dariya can accommodate every gender and most ages- though you need to be able to live off-grid and "rustically" by most standards. She works with you on the aspects of the wilderness school that are challenging, and tailors it to what’s manageable, so that each person can stretch and grow in the ways that are right for them. For me it was unforgettable. “

 -Vera, age 55, Family Therapist, Guelph, ON, Canada

“My time in the woods and on the land at Finding Polaris in June of 2021 was one of the best gifts I’ve ever been able to receive. (Nearly) 10 days in the woods. Sleeping alone in my tent. Meeting animal and plant people, and learning to engage with reciprocity. Swimming naked in pure water. Drying on sun-bleached rocks. Gathering wild edibles. Cooking over fire started without matches. Singing, dreaming, listening, and learning in magical, miraculous ways, day and night, with a small group of other wild-tenders. Almost completely unplugged and definitely no computer. I didn't even read.

This sense of belonging I felt at Finding Polaris went beyond the experience of being loved by my friends and family; it was a sense of belonging with the forest and sensing my place within the community held within the forest of wild(er) animals, trees, rocks, wind, water, all.”

Lilia (A.K.A. HeartFinder / Deerly Beloved)

“The Wildtending Program was exactly what I needed at the time. I answered the calling I received to go there and learn there, build there and heal there, and just be there, in the forest, by the lake. For the first time in maybe my whole life, I felt that my being human wasn't inherently harmful and destructive. I got to experience a sense of being a part of the cycle of things and finding belgonging in all that there is. 

My confidence in foraging and relationship with wild food has flourished, and many of the practices I learned while away are still at the forefront of my mind as I go through daily life. I grew bonds with close friends, plants, animals and the land.


I am so grateful for my time with the community, and I am so happy that I found the safe space I needed to attend to both mental and physical trauma in the way I desired while in the warm arms of great teachers, both human and of the earth."


- Brady, age 19 (Brave and Bright-Eyed)

"My time at Finding Polaris was a restorative journey where I rediscovered independence, self love, and my connection with the land.


I entered with no expectations for my time and brought an open mind, and the experience proved to be just what I needed during such a pivotal time in my life.



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